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              Address:dongtai dongtai, jiangsu province town of four focal community fuqian street no. 1
              Contact:Ms Xia 13390709159
                   Mr Han 13851033960
              The true:0515-85462703

                Dongtai ancient-kiln ceramic pigment co., LTD. Is a collection development, scientific research, production and sales as one of professional organic pigment, the company adopts the international advanced technology and equipment production of phthalocyanine blue and phthalocyanine green, formatted as purple, solid yellow, solid red, blue, green, purple, yellow, GongWu big series more than 30 varieties, the product has "bright light, high strength, high temperature resistant, good dispersibility," etc. ……
              Dongtai city Jincai Pigment Co., LTD. All rights reserved
              ADD:Dongtai, jiangsu province town of dongtai four focal community fuqian street
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